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Our music has been used widely in TV, including the following productions:

Survivor (ITV)
One In a Million (ITV)
Eye Spy (ITV)
Driving Me Crazy (ITV)
Parking Wars (ITV)
South Bank Show (ITV)
London Programme (ITV)
Murder Unsolved (ITV)
Hale and Pace (ITV)
River Journeys (Discovery)
Dates From Hell (ITV)
Hospital Stories From Hell (ITV)
That’s Esther (ITV)
Daybreak (ITV)
Horizon (BBC)
Piers Morgan's Life Stories (ITV)
Airline (Sky TV)
I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (ITV)

Beadle's Hotshots (ITV)
Sunday (ITV)
Dosh (ITV)
Crime Monthly (ITV)
After 5 (London News Network)
Expert Witness (ITV)
Missing (ITV)
Caught on Camera (ITV)
Opening Shot (ITV)
London's Burning (ITV)
Night and Day (ITV)
Restaurants From Hell (ITV)
BBC Radio
Brainiac (Sky)
Britain's Best Dish
60 Minute Makeover
It Shouldn't Happen on a Hidden Camera

Good Morning Britain (ITV)

Other Commissions Include:

South Bank Show - Clive Barker (ITV)
South Bank Show - Body Art (ITV)
South Bank Show - Gary Oldman (ITV)

South Bank Show - Elaine Page (ITV)
South Bank Show - Frankenstein (ITV)
Time Tales (ITV)

Video Commissions Include:

Salome - Clive Barker (Redemption Films)

The Forbidden - Clive Barker (Redemption Films)

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